Get RID of Foot Odor!

cedar shoe inserts

Comfortable Cedarsole Inserts…

  • naturally stop athlete’s foot fungus
  • naturally kill bacteria
  • effectively and naturally protect against foot odor
  • comfortably conforms to your foot quickly
  • are pleasant to wear even without socks
  • are flexible and easy to use in all types of shoes
  • have an anti-slip backing on the bottom keeping them comfortably in place

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smelly feetThe only way to really cure foot odor is to stop it at the source. Deodorants are temporary and powders and fungal medications only work part of the problem. Athlete’s foot and the odor that comes with it are caused by the combination of bacteria and fungus. Cedarsole Inserts are proven to kill bacteria and fungus leaving feet healthy, free from athlete’s foot and free from embarrassing foot odor and we stand behind our Cedarsole Inserts with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

In addition to years of research, Cedarsole Inserts have proven to be effective for over 10,000 customers worldwide. Cedarsole Inserts are all natural, can be used with or without socks and will end the embarrassment of foot odor – for good! So, relax – have confidence. You’ve got Cedarsole Inserts!

Cedarsole Inserts are made from a specific type of Lebanon cedar found throughout the eastern Mediterranean that has been cultivated for many centuries for its highly potent resin. The Cedarsole Insert is approximately 1/16th of an inch thick and quickly conforms to your foot as the cedar warms up in use. Cedarsole Inserts are as comfortable as they are effective. So treat your feet – to Cedarsole Inserts!